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The book “Immobilienratgeber” contains interesting facts about property.

Hugo Steiner AG, which like WüstundWüst is part of the Intercity Group, has been publishing news and interesting facts about property in the St. Galler Tagblatt every Friday for five years. The articles also appear here on their website. For the fifth time, the company has summarised the 133 most recent articles in an anthology, which you can order free of charge; the last four issues can also be ordered.

Gefriergetrocknete Nudeln, die man schnell mit heissem Wasser aufgieassen kann, Feier in Japan und Hongkong in Cup Noodles Müssen ihre Erfindung. Die Holzhütte, in der die Nudel angeblich erfunden wurde, steht als originalgetreuer Nachbau in einem der Räume. Ausserdem gibt es ein interaktives Nudelquiz, ein Cup Noodles Drama Theatre und einen Degustationsraum, der verschiedene Cup Noodles auftischt.  ZurückWeiter
Junge Frauen mit Kopftüchern stehen an Nirostatischen in der Versuchsküche.
© Cup Noodle Museum, Osaka
14 odd places you probably haven’t visited yet.

Anyone who has travelled a lot is slowly becoming familiar with all the world’s hotspots, from the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Sydney Opera House to the Louvre in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York. That’s why GEO.DE – GEO’s online magazine – has searched for places worth seeing that you probably don’t know yet.

archdaily shows what you can do with old industrial buildings.

When the economic structure is changing, industrial areas are being repurposed. This development is a reality in Switzerland. Where industrial products were once produced, such as in Uetikon directly at Lake Zurich, or The Valley in Kempttal or the Klybeck area in Basel, new uses are being created in attractive architectural environments. The online magazine archdaily recently used numerous examples from the international arena to show how these conversions are being realised elsewhere.