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Indonesia is planning a new capital from the ground up.

Fearing that Jakarta could sink into the sea in the next few years due to climate change, the government is planning to build its new capital from the ground up in a different location, according to the online platform archdaily.

The largest office building in the world is now in India.

The online magazine dezeen recently reported that the Architecture studio Morphogenesis has unveiled the Surat Diamond Bourse in India, which has surpassed the Pentagon to become the world’s largest office building.

The Saudi Mega-City The Line – Madness or Utopia?

A 170-kilometre-long mega-city is to be built in Saudi Arabia. Looking at the plans – whose implementation is already underway – the question inevitably arises as to whether this is a frightening dystopia or a grandiose vision of the future. A 45-minute documentary explains the considerations underlying the project from the perspective of the people behind.