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Dream of a sophisticated residence in New York; we have the solution.

If you are dreaming of a sophisticated residence in New York for some time or for the rest of your live, then you should definitely take a look at this article in the online magazine Luxury Defined from our partner Christie’s International Reals Estate. Five interesting properties are described in detail and a link leads to further offers in this vibrant city.

Architekt Christopher Sitzler gestaltete sein eigenes Apartment in der Leipziger Straße in Berlin. Zum Arbeiten kann er sich in einen abgetrennten Bereich zurückziehen. Foto: Maximilian König
This is how “co-working spaces” could look like.

Covid has increased the tendency to work outside of one’s usual workplace, but at the same time, working from home has reached its limits. Not everyone has the necessary conditions at home or is experiencing increasing loneliness. These developments are therefore calling for new working models. As part of its theme week, the online magazine spoke to architects and scientists about this.

The Penthouse Living Approach to Design & Architecture.

Zurich West – trendy district with a high quality of life was the title of an article we published here a few weeks ago. Now the online magazine Luxury Defined by Christie’s International Real Estate has recently published an article that focuses on the potential of architecture and design of living in a penthouse.