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Lea Rellstab
Stefanie Oechslin
Aline Hölzle
Raphael Fischer
Katerina van der Laan
Beat Hürlimann
Daniela Büecheler
Monika Ruf Hollenweger
Dr. Elmar Heim

We all share the desire for a perfect home.

Annelies Wüst, Owner

Over half a century of experience.

Wüst und Wüst, a family-run company founded in 1954, is Intercity Group’s boutique operation specialized in selling, letting and marketing exclusive homes. Wüst und Wüst’s highly qualified team combines proven expertise with in-depth market knowledge that has been built from many years of experience in the field.

Through our branches in Küsnacht/Zürich, Zug, Lucerne and St. Moritz our affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate and the other Intercity Group companies, Wüst und Wüst can offer its clients an unparalleled regional, national and global network of extensive real estate expertise.

We cover the majority of Switzerland thanks to the six locations of the Intercity Group in the German-speaking part of the country with more than 80 dedicated employees, and our partnership with, the Swiss real estate agents’ network for residential property.
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Teamwork makes dreams work.

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St. Moritz
Beat Hürlimann
CEO, Küsnacht/Zürich, Luzern, St. Moritz, Zug
+41 41 727 53 88 LinkedIn
Daniela Büecheler
Consulting, Küsnacht/Zürich
+41 44 388 58 55 LinkedIn
Kristina Gramatica
Beratung, St. Moritz
+41 81 832 60 61
Raphael Fischer
Manager, Küsnacht/Zürich
+41 44 388 58 97 LinkedIn
Elmar Heim
Notarial services, Zug
+41 41 727 53 73
Aline Hölzle
Deputy Manager, Luzern, Zug
+41 41 727 53 74 LinkedIn
Maya Marburger
Consulting, Küsnacht/Zürich
+41 44 388 58 87 LinkedIn
Stefanie Oechslin
Deputy Manager, Küsnacht/Zürich
+41 44 388 58 40 LinkedIn
Lea Rellstab
Consulting, Zug
+41 41 727 53 78
Monika Ruf Hollenweger
Notarial Services, Küsnacht/Zürich
+41 44 388 58 57 LinkedIn
Katerina van der Laan
Consulting, Küsnacht/Zürich
044 388 58 37 LinkedIn
Pascal Vaucher
Managing Director, St. Moritz
+41 81 832 60 62
Annelies Wüst
Owner, Küsnacht/Zürich
+41 44 388 58 38 LinkedIn

Herbert and Annelies Wüst - with Simba.

Close ties with the company.

Annelies and Herbert Wüst’s personal network is often the starting point for fruitful encounters.

Together we are stronger.

A close-knit team with long-standing experience.

Regular exchanges of experience between Wüst und Wüst teams at the Küsnacht/Zürich, Zug, Lucerne and St. Moritz branches ensures consistently superior service and excellent marketing results.

From left to right: Beat Hürlimann (CEO), Aline Hölzle (Deputy Manager, Zug), Stefanie Oechslin (Deputy Manager, Küsnacht/Zürich), and Raphael Fischer (Manager, Küsnacht/Zürich).