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What Does US$10 Million Buy Around the World?

Especially now, when the lottery jackpots are filled like never before, the question of which properties you can buy for 10 million US dollars is quite topical. But perhaps you simply fancy a luxury property, in which case these tips from Christie’s International Real Estate are just what you need. In Switzerland, WüstundWüst would be just the right address if you are looking for a special property here.

"Die Raiffeisen-Immobilienstudie zum ersten Quartal 2024 zeigt auch, dass Kaufen als Folge sinkender Zinsen bald wieder attraktiver wird als Mieten." Quelle: Raiffeisen
Raiffeisen predicts serious side effects of tenancy law.

Raiffeisen Switzerland is convinced that Swiss rental law leads to massive disincentives and inefficient use of scarce living space. Its property study for the first quarter of 2024 also shows that buying will soon become more attractive than renting again as a result of falling interest rates and that the housing shortage will worsen due to immigration and the construction slump.

The Raiffeisen Transaction Index shows falling prices for single-family homes.

Raiffeisen Switzerland reported the results of its transaction price index in the fourth quarter of 2023 in a press release. According to the bank, the market for owner-occupied residential property sent out mixed signals. One per cent less was paid for single-family homes than in the previous quarter, while prices for condominiums rose sharply by 1.7 per cent.