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Raiffeisen Transaction Price Index: Price momentum continues to weaken.

According to the Raiffeisen Transaction Index, prices for single-family homes rose by 1.3 per cent in the second quarter of 2024, while prices for condominiums increased by 0.5 per cent. Compared to the second quarter of 2023, single-family homes now cost 3.8 per cent more and condominiums 2.4 per cent more.

What Does US$20 Million Buy Around the World?

In the global marketplace for luxury real estate, just what does US$20 million buy? That’s the multimillion-dollar question posed for this edition of Luxury Defined. They have reached the lofty neighborhood of US$20 million. Read on, and open a few doors: It’s a rather splendid neighborhood, isn’t it?

A new interpretation of Bauhaus: 4 examples.

Bauhaus architecture revolutionised house building after the First World War. The online magazine Luxury Defined of Christie’s International Real Estate showed in a newly published article how the Bauhaus School still characterises today’s architecture using the examples of 4 recently built houses, that are actually on the real estate market.