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Zinsprognosen Schweiz, Quelle: avobis
How will interest rates develop in the future?

Property owners are increasingly unsettled by media reports about rising interest rates and their effects on mortgage rates and price trends on the property market. In Switzerland, too, the SNB recently raised interest rates by 75 basis points, bringing them back into positive territory. avobis provides a differentiated assessment of the situation in an online article.

What Does $2.5 Million Buy?

“What Does $2.5 Million Buy?”asks the online magazine Luxury Defined by Christie’s International Real Estate in one of its articles. In Switzerland, you probably wouldn’t get very far with this amount for a high-end property. However, Christie’s uses six examples to show that this amount could be used to buy appealing luxury properties in other countries.

UBS continues to expect large interest rate fluctuations for mortgages.

After years of stable low interest rates, they have been on the move in recent months and have unsettled many borrowers. In its current interest rate forecast, UBS writes of a real upward and downward trend.