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avobis continues to expect interest rates to rise slightly.

At the beginning of the year, the service company avobis conducted a detailed analysis of the credit markets in Switzerland, the EU and the USA. In brief, the company expects interest rates to rise slightly in Switzerland and to stabilise in the longer term.

© Werner Mäder, Uetikon
The Timeless Attractions of Historic Naples.

Naples and its surroundings are fascinating, in many places still authentic Italy and, apart from a few exceptions, much less overrun with tourists than other cities. The nearby unique Amalfi Coast offers wonderful nature experiences and unforgettable views over the sea. And according to Christie’s an interesting place for real estate investments.

IAZI sees slight price correction for multi-family houses and condominiums.

Are property prices still rising or already falling? The latest transaction data from the real estate consultancy IAZI suggest that the market for apartment buildings in particular has passed its zenith for the time being. This also applies to a lesser extent to the trade in condominiums, whereas demand for single-family homes remains robust.