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Avobis expects the SNB to cut interest rates further in June.

The avobis Group recently published its interest rate expectations online. It writes that the latest consumer price data from the USA has also brought a certain degree of calm to the Swiss interest rate markets. Despite a slight rise in inflation in Switzerland in April, the SNB will almost certainly implement a second interest rate cut.

According to Raiffeisen, private individuals are building less and less.

Raiffeisen Switzerland notes that private individuals are increasingly moving away from residential construction. Quote: “In addition to the requirement for high-density construction, which further increases the complexity of construction projects, the flood of regulations, the trend towards larger residential buildings and even certain “prosperity phenomena”, such as the decline in craftsmanship, are also responsible for this development.

Ten new Skyscrapers have changed New York’s skyline.

In a roundup dezeen, the the world’s most influential architecture, interiors and design online magazine, has collected 10 recently completed skyscrapers that have changed New York City’s skyline over the past two years.