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ONE – Christie’s First Global Sale of the 20th Century Art.

Launching the first of its kind, Christie’s presents ONE, a global 20th-century art auction spanning four cities in one relay-style format on 10 July. The multi-part, live sale will take place in real time across time zones, moving consecutively through the art world’s major hubs: Hong Kong, Paris, London and New York.

Kruger Shalati
A train, a bridge – and the hotel is finished.

Take a disused train composition, a railway bridge that is no longer needed, invite a resourceful architect, look for a financier and the luxury hotel called the Kruger Shalati in South Africa is finished.

Die schönsten Badeplätze an Seen, Flüssen, und Wasserfällen im Tessin
These are the most beautiful bathing places in Ticino.

Many of us will probably spend our summer holidays in Switzerland this time. The recently published book “Wild und frisch: Tessin; Die schönsten Badeplätze an Seen, Flüssen und Wasserfällen” by Salamander-Verlag is just right for this; but the reference book is also ideal for a sunny weekend in Ticino.