Teamwork makes dreams work.

Idylle pur im Glarnerland.

Prime address on Zürich’s Gold Coast.

Bohlgutsch: new dimension.

22nd Sunset. Top of Zürich.

Meeting the highest standards.

A rare find on Lake Zug.

Stately home in Glarus.

Birkenweg: green and urban.

Alpine panorama included.

4300 square meters lakeside property.

Designer villa in a heavenly location.

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Idylle pur im Glarnerland
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Prime address on Zürich’s Gold Coast
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Bohlgutsch: new dimension.
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22nd Sunset. Top of Zürich.
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Meeting the highest standards.
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A rare find on Lake Zug.
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Stately home in Glarus.
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Birkenweg: green and urban.
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Alpine panorama included!
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4,300 sq.m. lakeside property.
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Designer villa in a heavenly location.

“Wüst und Wüst is Intercity Group’s boutique operation for upscale residences.”

Herbert Wüst, Intercity Group CEO/Owner

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Local roots, international connections.

Wüst und Wüst specializes in the marketing of upscale residential properties in German-speaking Switzerland. The competent, experienced teams in our Küsnacht/Zürich, Zug and Lucerne branches guarantee our clients extensive local market expertise.

NEW - Elegant 3½-room apartment in Schindellegi.

Living in style - high above the sea of fog.

Situated in the countryside and yet not far from the city of Zurich is this beautiful and calm apartment. As soon as you enter, you feel at home right away. Pure sunshine and wonderful views are only two of the many advantages.

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Idyllic living in Glarnerland

A stately home surrounded by a magnificent Alpine world.

Surrounded by nature and stunning Alpine scenery, this majestic, luxurious villa lies on a sun-drenched, south-facing plot in Schwändi in canton Glarus. The neo-classical property also includes a charming chalet, ideal for housing guests and/or domestic staff.



Discretion and professionalism are key success factors.

Read the interview with Beat Hürlimann, Managing Director of Wüst und Wüst with NZZ Residence, to find out why discretion is so important in the segment of high-quality residential property and what you need to pay particular attention to when buying or selling an exceptional property.

Castles that combine the Middle Ages with modernity.

Many fairy tales about courtly life and brave knights begin with “Once upon a time … ». This is one of the reasons why castles and palaces are the subject of numerous myths, but many owners have become more and more burdened with them. Renovated and brought back to life, they have become fairytale places to live again. (Full text in German)

Art Deco Hotel in London.

There are better ways than staying in the same standard hotels, which are like one egg to another. Christie’s has recently introduced a number of luxury hotels in word and picture where you can feel at home. And in architonic you will find current examples of modern hotel architecture. (Full text in German)