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Small Houses – a book about innovative architecture in limited space.

The fact that there are no limits to the artistic creativity of architects is proven by the “Small Houses” homage, recently published by Taschen-Verlag, to an immeasurable ingenuity with which familiar and established living concepts are redesigned.

dezeen presents 10 impressive buildings with glass facades.

Traditionally, houses shield themselves from the outside world – acoustically, climatically and in most cases also visually. The Swiss company Vitrocsa – a pioneer in the field of so-called minimal windows – creates the opposite and allows modern buildings to merge as completely as possible with their surroundings.

Gather Picnic Co.’s Greek Island theme
5 Top Tips on How to Plan the Perfect Picnic.

Slowly but surely it’s getting to be summer. People like to be outside more – and maybe the first picnic is already on the cards. But how do you plan the perfect picnic? luxurydefined, the online magazine of Christie’s International Real Estate, reveals its 5 top tips on how to make your picnic a success.