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Luxury Defined presents Game Rooms for Entertaining.

Luxury Defined, the online magazine of Christie’s International Real Estate, spotlights that special room in a special house, dedicated solely to the creation of recreation: a leisurely leisure space, custom built and kitted out with games galore and entertainment à gogo.

Collecting vintage petrol cars without harming the environment.

If you love vintage cars and want to collect them without harming the environment, you should definitely visit “die blechlawine”. The garage owner of this website, Patrick Gutenberg, has been staging and photographing toy cars since 2013. The more battered, the better. The patina adds to their charm, is a sign of their adoration. He has already immortalised more than 1000 vehicles. The pictures not only delight the photographer, but also his fan community.

As a wine connoisseur, you should take a look at these 4 dream houses.

Extraordinary wines require extraordinary care: Precious and fragile, fine wines demand secure cellars where temperature is constant and regulated; their curators must have space nearby for decanting, aerating—and savoring—this treasure.