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Die Fotografische Langzeitbeobachtung Schlieren 2005 - 2020 zeigt, wie sich das Schweizer Mittelland entwickelt. Das Buch "Stadtwerdung im Zeitraffer" ist bei Scheidegger und Spiess erschienen.
Urban development in fast motion: a long-term photographic observation.

A study recently published in book form uses the city of Schlieren as an example to remind us in photographic form how quickly our cities and suburbs have grown in the past. The images in the book “Stadtwerdung im Zeitraffer” show exemplarily how the Swiss Mittelland developed between 2005 and 2020.

We sincerely wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.

With photographic winter impressions from the Schnebelhorn, the editors of wüstundwüst magazine wish you a happy festive season and a prosperous New Year.

Now published for the first time: the SAY Swiss Architecture Yearbook.

Switzerland recently launched its own architecture yearbook, the SAY Swiss Architecture Yearbook. Well Swiss – in English and in three national languages. This gives the high quality of Swiss architecture and building culture a tangible international face.