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© Yang Su
photoSCHWEIZ 22 – the largest photography exhibition in Switzerland.

At photoSCHWEIZ 22, more than 250 selected Swiss photographers will present their works in an exhibition area that is the same for everyone in Hall 550 in Zurich-Oerlikon from 13 to 17 May 2022. In addition, there will also be exciting special exhibitions, informative seminars and presentations by renowned photographers this year.

Nordostseite mit Mauer zur angrenzenden Strasse, Villa «Le Lac», Corseaux, Schweiz, 2021, Foto: Jürg Gasser
Exhibition for architecture enthusiasts at the Le Corbusier Pavilion in Zurich.

For the new exhibition “Architectural Icons Seen anew” at the Pavillon Le Corbusier, seven contemporary photographers visited seven iconic buildings by the architect and artist in France and Switzerland. It invites the public to discover Le Corbusier’s architecture from new perspectives.

MAAT /  AL_A. © Francisco Nogueira
24 surprising places in Lisbon that you, as an architecture connoisseur, should take a look at.

When you think of Lisbon, you usually think of the picturesque old town with its winding streets and out-of-time trams, or you dream of fado and heavy wines. For friends of modern architecture, however, the city also holds some trouvailles that should not be missed during a visit to this fascinating city.