Marketing and Consulting

“Where others see clients, we see individuals”.

Beat Hürlimann, Annelies Wüst, Herbert Wüst

As your time is precious, we market your property for you.

For the sale or the letting of your property, would you like to rely on an experienced partner, who advises you individually and accompanies you throughout the entire sales process? Our employees are experienced and dedicated real estate experts, who will give tailored support to your individual needs.

Our team of marketers, notaries and marketing specialists will support you from your very first step right through to the transfer of your property into new hands.

From appraisals and the planning of targeted marketing activities to structuring the legal framework and drafting the real estate contract, we will be on hand to assist you.

The discreet way: off-market marketing.

For the sale of your property, would you prefer a discreet approach, marketing your property to a select group of potential buyers? Or to interested parties whose search criteria match your unique property?

Please contact us to discuss our ‘off-market’ marketing services. We enjoy a reputation for being a reliable and professional partner, guaranteeing you discretion and a high probability of completing a successful sale of your property without any online presence.

Consulting on new-build projects: for developments in step with the market.

We are active marketers and are able to identify daily moods and trends right where they develop from our direct contact with prospective buyers in the tough world of real estate marketing. We offer this knowledge to property developers and support them in establishing the concept for a new-build project, thereby ensuring the development is in step with the market.

Understanding the needs of future occupants, we leverage our knowledge of the market and our experience with the entire sales process and real estate management to work in close collaboration with investors, architects, planners and other specialists.

Creative solutions and small details can often determine the success of a project.

Buy-side consulting.

Have you just found your dream property but are unsure if the purchase price is justified? Do you need support with handling an already planned purchase? Our experts are ready to ensure that you are paying a fair market price and to support you throughout the legally compliant purchase process.


Please contact us for further information.
Stefanie Oechslin
Manager, Küsnacht / Zürich
+41 44 388 58 40 LinkedIn
Aline Hölzle
Manager, Zug
+41 41 727 53 74 LinkedIn
Christoph Fässler
Manager, Luzern
+41 41 418 45 63 LinkedIn

“Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.”

Stefanie Oechslin, Manager Wüst und Wüst Küsnacht/Zürich

An expert notarial team for legally compliant transactions.

The execution of a legally compliant real estate transaction is complex and carries associated risks. Wüst und Wüst’s specialist notarial services include:

  • Bespoke contracts
  • Legally compliant concepts for developments (establishment of easements, ownership of individual floors or co-ownerships)
  • Regulations; usage and maintenance
  • Preparation of notarial certifications in collaboration with the relevant notary’s office

The delivery of a legally compliant real estate contract forms part of the comprehensive services offered by Wüst und Wüst.

Notarial Services Team

We would be delighted to meet you.
Monika Ruf Hollenweger
Notarial Services, Küsnacht / Zürich
+41 44 388 58 57 LinkedIn
Elmar Heim
Notarial services, Zug
+41 41 727 53 73

Considering a residence in Central Switzerland?

Venture into the realm of paradise.

Central Switzerland is an indescribable picture-perfect idyll with Alpine peaks, green meadows and picturesque towns on its lakeshores. Lucerne old town is adorned with historical buildings and offers breathtaking views over Lake Lucerne and the mountains. Zug, a small but international city with a favorable tax environment, offers proximity to Zürich and Zürich airport as well as the scenic Lake Zug, and is also a very attractive place to reside.

Current offers in Central Switzerland
Bürgenstock apartments: view from the ‘Spices’ terrace.