Fine art photography is increasingly finding its place in the art scene – and prices are rising accordingly. Today, unique or vintage prints by well-known photographers can easily reach prices in the high 5- or even 6-digit dollar range. Such prices are usually paid by collectors; for decorating their own homes or offices, art lovers today usually look for photos on online platforms such as Singulart, Lumas, ArtPhotoLimited, ars mundii or similar. The far more personal option when searching for a suitable picture is to visit a large exhibition of works, such as photoSCHWEIZ, or regional photo exhibitions of individual, even less well-known photographers.

Abstraktionen über die Loire, 2019; © Werner Mäder, Uetikon

Abstractions about the Loire, 2019; © Werner Mäder, Uetikon

A prime example is the solo exhibition PHOTOSPHÄREN at the Kulturschüür Männedorf, where one of our editors will be showing almost 90 photographs, some of them very large format, from the last 5 years of his photographic work from 1 June (vernissage from 5 pm) to 16 June.

Six rooms – six spheres

Above Rapperswil, 2023; © Werner Mäder, Uetikon

Each sphere in the Kulturschüür Männedorf shows a different place, a different light and a different view of things, which give the photographs their own style and character: an atmosphere that characterises life in them and is also shaped by it. A picture only captures a moment: what came before and what follows is only revealed through further contemplation.

Trtutg dil Flem, 2020; © Werner Mäder, Uetikon

A picture is like the first sentence of a novel. It captures something, leaves a lot open and arouses curiosity about the course of the story that follows and that precedes the beginning. And just as a novel lives from what is not said, a picture also lives from what is not shown. From what lies beyond the edge of the picture and beyond the moment.

Aus der Sphäre “Eisklirren“, 2019; © Werner Mäder, Uetikon

From the sphere “Eisklirren“, 2019; © Werner Mäder, Uetikon

Photography not only has “the ability to reproduce the visible with an inescapable fidelity” (Jeff Wall). It can conjure up the atmosphere of a space, an era, an entire society with every visible detail.

Practical information

Fantasyland Island, 2021; © Werner Mäder, Uetikon

Fantasyland Island, 2021; © Werner Mäder, Uetikon

Address and directions: Alte Landstrasse 230, 8707 Männedorf; 5 minutes on foot from Männedorf railway station via the pedestrian tunnel
Vernissage: Saturday 1 June from 5 pm
Opening hours: Wednesday and Friday 5 – 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2 – 5 pm
Finissage: Friday 16 June
Free admission