In view of a possible energy shortage in the coming winter, SVIT Schweiz calls in its latest industry recommendation for landlords, homeowners and tenants to take savings measures and gives concrete advice on where to start in the short term.

In view of the war in Ukraine, energy prices for electricity, heating oil and natural gas have risen sharply on the international markets. This is not only reflected in the energy expenditure of Swiss households and businesses. In addition, a shortage of energy supply is to be expected in winter. The industry recommendation “Energy-saving measures in the real estate sector” is intended to help landlords, tenants and homeowners to prevent this shortage or more far-reaching measures such as grid shutdowns by means of measures that can be implemented in the short term. You can download the industry recommendations as a PDF here (in German language only).

The recommendations address the following four areas of action that are effective in the short term:

In view of the 3.9 million private households and the approximately 470,000 companies in the tertiary sector (especially office jobs), it can be assumed that there is considerable savings potential through simple and quickly implemented savings measures. Even small contributions pay off in the big picture. SVIT Schweiz calls on its members to examine measures in the rental and managed condominium properties they manage and to motivate tenants and condominium owners to take steps on their own responsibility.

Further measures and services are being prepared as part of the “SVIT Energy Challenge”.