Now you can travel the world virtually without getting up from your sofa – or at least improve your travel experience and geography knowledge. After all, there is no remedy for “real” travel. But playing the online game called GeoGuessr based on Google maps is enjoyable in any case, alone or with the family.

GeoGuessr is a geographical discovery game based on Google images in which players have to guess different places around the world using only the clues provided by a street view. The game was developed in 2013 and has taken on a new meaning amidst the pandemic, offering a virtual travel experience. From desolate streets to famous sites, the game demands deductive thinking. To succeed at GeoGuessr, you must use every clue, pay attention to signs, try to interpret language, look for flags or even locate the surrounding landscape in a Google Streetview photo.

The simple user interface is fun and easy to use ben. Players select a five-round map and use the mouse to tap on a location that they think matches the photo. The closer the chosen location is from the actual position of the photo, the higher the score.

There are different maps – official and user-generated with different focuses or country-specific.