“Spezial Spriessbürger, Handbuch für den Anbau von fremden Gemüse- und Salatarten” is the name of the latest book by Eveline Dudda from the Spriessbürger publishing house. It deals with plants that are rarely seen in most gardens. Most of the 45 species presented in the book are easy to care for.

Many of them can even be grown over winter, produce a large yield or are well adapted to warmer temperatures, according to the publisher’s description of the book. Some taste strange, others are delicious and many are suitable not only for eating but also for flower bouquets or simply as ornaments in the garden.

The 264-page book is a sequel to the handbook “Spriessbürger” and, like the latter, is in black and white. Because with the lesser-known vegetables and lettuces the procurement of seeds or seedlings is sometimes a problem, all the species are also described in terms of how you can grow them yourself. Besides, the book recently won 1st place as best guidebook at the German Gardening Book Award.

The publisher also runs a vegetable blog where you can always read interesting news from the field of domestic vegetable cultivation.

“Spriessbürger Spezial – Handbuch für den Anbau von fremden Gemüse- und Salatarten” is available for CHF 32.50 from Spriessbürger Verlag CHF 32.50 (unfortunately in German language only).