Light cannot be touched, it is fleeting, and yet the lighting design of rooms is one of the fundamental elements of architecture – and not only since electricity created entirely new possibilities. Even many centuries ago, light design played an important role in building. Just think of the round opening at the top of the Pantheon’s dome, which creates a very different sense of space depending on the position of the sun.

In its latest newsletter, architonic writes: “Light is a promise. It lets us read the space, makes it understandable and accessible.»

In recent years, LED luminaires have made light even more interesting as part of architecture. architonic shows this with a selection of restaurants and museums.

The redesign of the five-star Gran Hotel Casino Extremadura by Clavel Arquitectos uses a lighting system that enhances the spatial opulence of the complex’s entertainment areas.

However, light does not only shape space inside buildings. It can also be used to shape outdoor areas, as architonic shows with examples from landscape architecture.

The concept for the dynamic outdoor lighting in Singapore, in which the intensity and temperature of the light changes while ensuring the safety of visitors, comes from LPA: Lighting Planners Associates. Photos: LPA: Lighting Planners AssociatesAnd finally architonic uses the example of the Givaudan Office Building 1246 in Kemptthal to show how a holistic lighting concept can make office spaces more attractive.

Fotograf: Johannes Marburg

Lightshpere played a key role in the renovation of the Givaudan Office Building 1246 with the airy lighting design to enhance the existing space. Photo: Johannes Marburg