In 2019 and 2020 respectively, more than half of the top 10 annual global auction results took place at Christie’s. “New and existing collectors are looking for something fresh and inventive,” says Evelyn Lin, International Director and Head of Modern & Contemporary Art, Asia Pacific at Christie’s Hong Kong. “We’ve added these elements into our sale curation, and it’s helped us to reach an even greater collector audience.”

Read the respective article in the online magazine luxurydefined of Christie’s International Real Estate for more insight into the last two years’ most significant sales, and the art market trends that Christie’s experts believe these items reveal. The contribution deals with works by Roy Lichtenstein (Nude with Joyous Painting), René Magritte (L’Arc de Triumphe), Cy Twombly (Umtitled [Bolsena], Marina Abramovic (The Life), Jeff Koons (Rabbit), Zar Wou-Ki (Triptyque (1987–88)) or Stan the Dinosaur, one of the world’s most complete fossil skeletons of a T-rex, sold for over 30 million dollars in October 2020.