Have you always believed that the best whiskies have their origin in Scotland. Then you should read this article, recently published on Christie’s International Real Estate online magazine luxurydefined. Take a trip 5,000 miles from whisky’s birthplace, the mountainous Highlands of Scotland, and explore the origins of coveted and highly collectible blended and single malt Japanese whiskies. The story of Japanese whisky, says Noah May, Head of Wine & Spirits at Christie’s London, “is as complex, nuanced, and fascinating as any notable part of Japanese culture.” “In essence,” he says, “the story is one of science, craftsmanship, and nature. Of observing specific essential elements of Scottish distillation, and then taking these observations back to Japan and working in harmony with nature to craft something that references the oldest of whisky-making traditions but is also entirely new and unique.” You will also find detailed descriptions of Japan’s leading distilleries and their whiskies.