Some restaurants can do more than just serve good food – and some unfortunately can’t even do that. But that is not our topic today. Rather, we would like to present the book “Zu Tisch! Eine Reise zu den ausgefallensten Restaurants der Welt”, recently published by Dumont. This is the first guide to the craziest restaurants in the world and on your own doorstep, said Dumont about this book, in which you can leaf through and dream with relish.

Dining almost 5.8 metres below the sea or in a gondola and enjoying the view of rock faces and the starry sky – these and many more crazy locations can be found in this handy illustrated book. There you can see the world from above and enjoy a dinner cooked on site – in a balloon. Another restaurant, sitting on a tiny rocky island in the Indian Ocean, offers Robinson Crusoe feeling as an extra. And in Europe’s first underwater restaurant in Norway, you sit at eye level with fish.

In the book you will find texts about Modern Toilet in Taipei, the Rollercoasterrestaurant in Vienna, the legendary mountain inn Aescher near Weissbad in Appenzell, the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, the Grubendinner in Bestwig, Le Bus 26 in Clermont-Ferrand, The Rock in Zanzibar, the underwater restaurant Under in Båly or the Skylon Tower at Niagara Falls. Each restaurant is provided with a small info text, a location marker and a price categorisation. This ranges from “Unbeatably cheap” to “Affordable enjoyment” to “Pure luxury”.

A few examples were also presented on the Website of GEO recently.