Annelies Wüst runs the real estate company Wüst und Wüst, based in Küsnacht, together with her husband Herbert and with CEO Beat Hürlimann. She has been active in the brokerage of villas and upscale residential properties for a good 30 years. She spoke with David Strohm of NZZ Residence, the magazine for housing and real estate, about the special challenges of brokering properties in the upscale segment.

You can download the full text of the interview as a PDF in German language here.

Annelies Wüst, Herbert Wüst and CEO Beat Hürlimann run the real estate company Wüst und Wüst, based in Küsnacht.

The importance of the living environment has become more important

You can feel how important the living environment has become, says Annelies Wüst in the conversation with NZZ Residence. People travel less, go out less, work in a home office and therefore spend more time at home. Many buyers have become aware of the value of privacy and personal retreats.

A dream house is something different for everyone

Among other things, she was asked what a dream house should offer. Annelies Wüst said: “The definition of a dream house is up to each individual. Location, living space, view, privacy and tranquillity, in some cases also security, these are the cornerstones in the evaluation of a property. Our task is to name the advantages and disadvantages of a property, to show the possibilities it offers. This can mean that we make suggestions for renovation or conversion, for changes to the floor plan or – together with an interior designer – for the interior design. Then it’s a matter of arousing emotions – until the prospective buyers fall in love with a property. Among the negative points, we find that people often pay attention to noise emissions, but increasingly also to things like high-voltage power lines in the vicinity or mobile phone antennas. But these also depend on personal attitudes.”

Small supply and high demand characterise the current real estate market

The market is currently quite dry; the supply is significantly smaller than the demand, Annelies Wüst notes. Thanks to a good personal network and relationships with private owners as well as established contacts with family offices and lawyers, Wüst und Wüst is well positioned to offer attractive properties again and again.

Houses for a certain phase in life are in trend

Asked about her expectations for the coming months and years, Annelies Wüst says: “What we see more and more: Houses are often bought for a certain phase in life. From 30 to 60, it tends to be the house with space for the family. From 60 onwards, it’s a home where everything is on one level if possible and which doesn’t require much work.”