According to the online magazine archdaily, Oppenheim Architecture has completed the design for a resort in Ticino. The planned resort overlooks Lago Maggiore and «arises from the varied landscape of Alpine peaks and dense forests. Comprising over 100 private residences, a boutique hotel, and spa and wellness environment, the design embraces the region’s unique landscapes and ecologies across three sites.»

Secluded Swiss resort in Ticino

Courtesy of MIR

The architects stress that one part of the project complements an existing village context: «Working in collaboration with the local community, the project brings a new heart to the existing village, framed by revitalized local artisan shops offering fresh bread, salami, and local delicacies. Residents and visitors explore and inhabit the terraced landscape of gardens, squares, and piazzetta’s of the town, replenished with fountains, and mature trees.» The second part of the site will be a reimagined botanical gardenas a backdrop to an exclusive boutique hotel and spa composed of individual ‘rustico’ villas and hillside spa, writes Eric Baldwin from archdaily.

Secluded Swiss resort in Ticino

Courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture

The project – based on contemporary architectural design – features locally quarried granite, reclaimed chestnut from retired barns and fallen trees and stucco made with regional aggregates the result is a perfect combination of tradition and modernism . Each of the structures is designed to embrace sunlight while framing picturesque views over the valley, lake, and mountains.