As fall ushers in cooler weather and we spend more time inside, it’s natural to crave a taste of the outdoors. Bringing greenery into your interiors, in the form of house plants or even indoor trees, is undoubtedly the best way to do that. The online magazine luxurydefined of Wüst-und-Wüst’s Partner company Christie’s International Real Estate tells you how to do it.

Image: Courtesy Hilton Carter

If you’re going all out on house plants, Carter recommends going big on decor too, with statement artworks or vintage furniture and rugs that can hold their own in a greenery-filled room. Image: Courtesy Hilton Carter

“The energy that a living thing exudes in your home enlivens the atmosphere and personality of your space,” says Los Angeles-based designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who’s worked with the Kardashians, Sir Elton John, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. “All rooms need life added to them. A plant will always do that, most often with more impact and style than just flowers.”

Some house plants soak up all the natural light they can get, while others thrive best in shady environments. But even small touches of greenery throughout the home can make an impact.

Wellness design consultant Jamie Gold, author of “Wellness by Design: A Room-by-Room Guide to Optimizing Your Home for Health, Fitness, and Happiness”, recommends talking with a horticulturalist or another plant expert. They’ll be able to advise on what best fits your space and schedule, as well as “a plant’s safety for pets, as some can be toxic to dogs or cats,” Gold says.

And keep in mind that to maximize the air-purifying and other health benefits of plants, you’ll need to bring several into your home at once. Now just let it grow.