At its core, gifting is equal parts love letter and art form, and for the wine lover in your life, few things are more romantic than an item that enhances their collection. Thankfully, an array of new products—from high-tech decanters to foolproof gadgets for removing aged corks—promises to do just that. So, raise a glass: the perfect gifts for wine lovers do exist. luxurydefined – the online magazine of our partner agency Christie’s International Real Estate has rounded up six of the best.

Coravin Model 11 Experience Bundle

The Coravin acts as a smart spout for any wine bottle, allowing you to choose how much you’d like to enjoy at a time, while its accompanying app provides added controls, such as custom pour speeds.

The Coravin is a one-of-a-kind wine preservation system beloved by sommeliers and industry professionals for its unique ability to pour wine without pulling the cork. Using a patented method, the Coravin extracts wine from the bottle via a syringe-like needle, giving you the option to enjoy a single ounce and keep the remainder for weeks, months, or even years without spoilage.

iSommelier Smart Decanter

The iSommelier rapidly enhances the flavors and aromas of wine, and can also softens tannins—aiming to bring wines to a state of maturity that can otherwise only come from years of cellaring.

The bluetooth-enabled iSommelier Smart Decanter uses highly concentrated oxygen to decant perfectly aged bottles in a matter of minutes—doing away with the need to open a bottle three or four hours before your Valentine’s Day dinner, or on any other occasion.

Üllo Wine Purifier and Decanter

The Üllo Wine Purifier uses what the brand calls “selective sulphite capture technology” to ensure your drink is free of impurities, and pairs with a hand-blown decanter made from ultra-transparent, lead-free crystal.

The Üllo Wine Purifier and Decanter set is an ideal gift for health-conscious wine lovers. It conveniently nests directly atop its hand-blown crystal decanter or on any wine glass, ensuring a perfect pour, while its unique design removes sediments and sulfites, keeping bitter particles out of your drink.

The Durand Wine Opener

The Durand offers greater stability and support than a traditional corkscrew, helping to remove the very oldest and most fragile corks from aged bottles of wine.

As collectors around the world will attest, there are few things worse than breaking the delicate cork on a perfectly aged bottle of wine. Luckily, the Durand wine opener is foolproof, gently removing even the most ancient of corks with a simple twist of the wrist.

The Portae Cradle

Handmade in Los Angeles, the Portae Cradle’s design allows collectors of all types and sizes of bottles—from half to magnum—to serve their wines at the appropriate angle of service.

The steel and leather Portae Cradle is a practical work of art, and makes serving mature wines a beautiful and delicious affair.

Zalto Glassware

Good looking glass: In a blind taste test conducted by The New York Times, the judges found that Zalto Universal stemware “outperformed every other glass.”

When you’re enjoying a fine Chablis or well-aged Burgundy, the right stemware makes all the difference. Zalto’s Austrian wine experts have perfected the art of stemware, combining artisanal craftsmanship with seamless design to accentuate the aromatic and flavor nuances of the world’s finest wines.