You almost wouldn’t believe it, but summer is slowly coming to an end. September heralds autumn and some hope that it will bring a few more sunny days. Be it on weekends or during the autumn holidays – with these five new Swiss attractions recently published in the Tages-Anzeiger, planning becomes a breeze.

Zoom the Matterhorn in Zermatt

Photo: PD

Zoom the Matterhorn is a unique multimedia world of experience around the Matterhorn on the Gornergrat. The renovation of the valley station of the Hohtälli cable car, which is located next to the Kulmhotel, has turned it into a real highlight.

The multimedia experience Zoom the Matterhorn will delight everyone who wants to experience the Matterhorn and the mountain world in all its dimensions. The installations will captivate young and old and even in bad weather, a visit to the Gornergrat is guaranteed to be a highlight.

For guests visiting the Gornergrat in the opening year 2021, the Zoom is included in the train ticket of the Gornergrat Bahn.

Senda dil Dragun in Laax

Photo: PD

The «Senda dil Dragun», the longest tree-top walk in the world, connects the two districts of Laax Murschetg and Laax Dorf. The 1.56-kilometre-long footbridge lets you experience the Laax forest at eye level with the trees. With a slide for the little ones, five adventure sites on a tower and four platforms with seating, the tree-top walk Graubünden is an interactive and unique nature experience for the whole family, also thanks to augmented reality.

At the Murschetg tower, you can find out what Laax and the surrounding area once looked like before the landslide and how it shaped the landscape; the Uaul Casti platform shows which plants and trees can be found in the Laax forest and how the character of the forest changes; the Ravanasc platform provides information about the fauna in the Laax forest; the Dimplaun Sura platform contains interesting facts about humans and animals since the Bronze Age; and the Uaul Fransen platform offers a great view as well as the opportunity to observe animals.

Gletschergarten Cavaglia near Poschiavo

The Cavaglia-Schlucht is characterised by bizarre erosion forms. The whirlpools, glacial mills and the large cave-like overhangs have remained hidden from visitors and passers-by until now.

The new “Ordo di Cavaglia” gorge trail, opened in July and designed by Graubünden engineer Jürg Conzett, now makes these natural beauties of the Cavaglia Glacier Garden accessible to all. What water and ice have created over millions of years can now be easily explored on foot.

The path starts at the upper end of the gorge and crosses under the railway bridge on its own bridge. It then climbs some steps to the level of the upper edge of the rock walls, where the path can be led horizontally for a longer distance. In the following section, the path opens up deep views of the heavily overhanging rock walls on the opposite side of the gorge. A series of steps leads deeper into the gorge. The trail then crosses the road bridge to Punt Alta, enters flatter wooded terrain and reaches the forest road via a staircase, where you can easily find your way back to the starting point of the short hike.

Surfing at the Valais Surf Park in Sion

Photo: PD

With Alaïa Bay, the Valais is now also a surfing destination. Instead of a sea view, you can surf here with a breathtaking view of the Swiss mountains. The facility is located in Sion.

Alaïa Bay is the first surf pool in continental Europe. More than 8’300m2 are dedicated to surfing. Up to 40 surfers can ride together on the up to 1000 waves per hour; the shape, power and size of the waves can also be varied.

The project is unique in its form and makes the practice of a new sport possible in Switzerland. It offers a surf school, rental and sale of boards and a surf shop with a large selection of surfing articles, as well as a restaurant.

Marmot burrow in Lenk

The new, interactive Marmot burrow is located on the Betelberg directly by the new reservoir and can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot from the Leiterli mountain station of the Lenk cable cars. It is part of the Marmot Trail with a wobbly footbridge, Marmot scales, barbecue area, labyrinth and further information about marmots.

In the new Marmot burrow, children can immerse themselves in the world of the sweet marmots. They can explore the sleeping quarters of the little cave dwellers and find out which plants they need to build up their fat reserves shortly before hibernation. How much body weight does a marmot lose during hibernation? How deep do the rodents bury themselves and what kind of tunnels and burrows do they build inside the earth? Which fellow inhabitants keep the animals company during their sleep? All these questions will be answered on this discovery tour.