The scent installation “Poetry & Language” will transform the library of Wildegg Castle into a scent library from 31 May to 6 June 2022. Perfumer Bibi Bigler inspired by the historical building with its numerous books created an exquisite fragrance composition.

“Poetry & Language”: Swiss perfumer Bibi Bigler was inspired by the unique location to create a composition. © Museum Aargau

The variation of scents and their staging serves as inspiration for short stories, poems and dialogues by the author Simone Lappert. In addition, aromatologist and Farfalla co-founder Jean-Claude Richard will perform in the castle kitchen and enchant the attic with his scent installation.

Many fragrances and a varied accompanying programme

For seven days, the centuries-old Schloss Wildegg is the interface between language and the sense of smell, between rare books and exquisite bottles.

The baroque Wildegg Castle will be bathed in language and scents from 31 May to 6 June 2022. © Museum Aargau.

Swiss perfumer Bibi Bigler is inspired by the unique location to create a composition, and Swiss writer Simone Lappert responds to the fragrance composition with short stories, poems and dialogues. In addition, the Swiss aromatologist and Farfalla co-founder Jean-Claude Richard performs in the kitchen and enchants the attic of the castle. For once, and only for a short time, the created fragrances do not disappear into flacons, but stage the historical location as an olfactory dialogue and in a contemporary way. At the same time, they do not conjure up the moods of bygone times at any price, but build a fragrant bridge to the present and also provide a fascinating insight into the extraordinary art of perfumery.

Special tours with experts and workshops

Guided tours of Wildegg Castle with fragrance experts and historians take place daily. Experience the scent production “Poetry & Language” by perfumer Bibi Bigler and aromatologist Jean-Claude Richard on a guided tour of Wildegg Castle. A scent specialist and a historian will guide you together through the venerable library and other historic rooms, which will be enchanted with scent compositions from 31 May to 6 June 2022. Experience surprising scent stories in a historical context.

In addition, Bibi Bigler with perfume workshops, Jean-Claude Richard with lectures and workshops and the writer Simone Lappert with her writing workshop invite you to delve further into the world of perfumes and language.

Details on the accompanying programme and the possibility for reservations can be found here.