Living in a high-rise means having the world at your feet – and in Zurich West, the high-rises are right in the middle of a trendy urban district. Where once shipyards and engine factories predominated, there is now culture, design, gastronomy, shopping and architecture. Workplaces of renowned service companies and successful start-ups have replaced industry. Zurich West has become a lively and integrated part of one of Switzerland’s most attractive cities.

Above the clouds – at least almost

What Reinhard Mey sings in his hit song “Über den Wolken” (Above the Clouds) applies not only to flying, but also to life in the airy heights: “Above the clouds, freedom must be boundless. All fears, all worries, they say, would remain hidden underneath. And then what seems big and important to us would suddenly become trivial and small.” Even if skyscrapers do not rise above the clouds in Switzerland, one lives so far away from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life, looks out into the distance, the lake and the mountains – and enjoys the view over the roofs to life in the city and its green surroundings as if they were part of a realistic model railway. Here you can relax, find yourself and enjoy living in the exclusive penthouse.

Foto: © Amanda Rikotic

The 23rd floor of the Mobimo Tower offers an almost endless view over the city of Zurich. Photo: © Aamanda Rikotic

Vibrant life – just a lift ride away

Yet the vibrant life of Zurich West is only a short lift ride away. It’s just a few steps to work at Homburger AG, Deutsche Bank (Schweiz) AG or Ernst & Young AG in the Prime Tower, or to one of the hip start-ups that have sprung up here in recent years. And then you’re right in the middle of life. describes the fact that Zurich West has been a Zurich hotspot for years: “Design boutiques and «Markthalle» have moved into the Eisenbahnviadukt (railway viaduct), and Frau Gerolds Garten, an urban garden with a restaurant, has been created on the Gerolds site. Next to the Freitag Flagship-Store there are various second-hand furniture stores. On the other side of the Hardbrücke rises the 126-metre-high Prime Tower – Switzerland’s tallest building until the opening of the Roche Tower in Basel. Cultural events by the Schauspielhaus Zürich or the Lichthalle Maag take place in the former factory halls.”

Owners in the Mobimo Tower have the option of using the services of the five-star Renaissance Hotel, such as the use of the fitness and spa area with sauna and steam bath, a laundry service and exclusive room service around the clock.

Zurich West offers “pure urbanity

Urban life is characterised by the tension between constant tradition and constant change. So sometimes you look in vain for your favourite pub that was the in place with fine cuisine just a few weeks ago, but has since been replaced by a pop-up or is currently undergoing renovation. At the same time, safe values remain, such as Frau Gerold’s garden in summer or the LaSalle restaurant or the legendary «Hotel Rivington & Sons», which is not a hotel but a cosy café with one of the best cappuccinos in Zurich during the day and a classic, well-attended bar with American-style drinks in the evening.

Foto: © Amanda Rikotic

In a penthouse flat, the rooms, which are over three metres high, create an incomparable sense of space. The high window fronts magnificently set the scene for the city panorama and offer a brilliant view of the setting sun. Photo: © Amanda Rikotic

Kreislauf245 shows the full life

If you don’t want to lose track of the shopping on offer, you should stroll through the streets on the annual Kreislauf345 weekend: this year, Kreislauf takes place on 20/21 May. This is a great way to experience quarters 3, 4 and 5 up close and discover more than 90 small, lovingly curated shops and eateries at the same time. Kreislauf345 is convinced that Zurich pulsates here like nowhere else. They write: “Old and new, design and demolition, the exotic and the quintessentially Zurich meet here – a creative quarter with rough edges. On just a few square kilometres you can discover very special shops, studios, creative workshops, but also cafés, bars and restaurants. This is where our city shows its open and lively side.”

Foto: © Aamanda Rikotic

A luxurious home, such as the ‘Mobimo Tower’ in Zurich West, is ideal for people who are looking for an urban living experience at the highest level in the truest sense of the word. Photo: © Aamanda Rikotic

Art and fitness right around the corner

For all those who want to do something for their physical well-being, there are plenty of offers. In addition to Fitnesspark Puls5 or Kieser, which are among the classics and offer a comprehensive range, there are also PureGym, NonStop Gym Viadukt, Halle 41 Fitness, Velocity and Lionsoul in the heart of Zurich West. They all offer workout facilities almost around the clock; Lionsoul is even open around the clock. There are also numerous yoga studios, and those who enjoy outdoor sports will find long bicycle paths for jogging and long walks along the Limmat.

But cultural fitness is also provided for. We have already mentioned the theatre and event locations. But the visual arts scene is also well represented. There are more museums and galleries here than you can visit in a day. In the old brewery building, which is also worth a visit as an architectural monument, the Kunsthalle Zurich is dedicated to modern art. Among the galleries are many illustrious names, such as Hauser & Wirth, Peter Kilchenmann or right next door Eva Presenhuber, to name but a few. Here you can find art for every taste and for almost every bank balance to give your penthouse the personal stamp it deserves.

Foto: © Amanda Rikotic

Here, the artworks could find their worthy place, which are available for purchase in the nearby, renowned art galleries. Photo: © Amanda Rikotic

Optimally connected to “the rest of the world”

And those who find their own neighbourhood too cramped will appreciate the excellent connections to the rest of the world. Tram, bus and S-Bahn stations are within walking distance, access to the motorway to the north, west, south and east is practically on the doorstep, and the airport can also be reached in a few minutes by S-Bahn.