For a chat with friends, for the morning ritual with coffee and a newspaper, for a break in between or, increasingly, as a place to work: Over the last hundred years, cafés and tea rooms have become indispensable public places of enjoyment, exchange and pause.

A coffeehouse culture like that of Vienna, Budapest or Buenos Aires is not to be found in Switzerland, but there is an astonishing variety of exceptional places to discover in this country too. We show you time-honoured tea rooms, rare gems of well-preserved historic interiors, younger creations with the potential to become classics, and pioneers who are adding new facets to Swiss coffeehouse culture.

Combine the pleasure of architecture with the pleasure of coffee and discover 50 stylish cafés and tea rooms throughout Switzerland.

About the publication series “The most beautiful …”

The popular publication series “The most beautiful…” of the Swiss Heritage Society points out places of interest in Switzerland with attractive booklets in handy postcard format: e.g. also hotels, islands, gardens and parks, museums or buildings.

In 2000, the first edition of the series was published under the title “Switzerland’s most beautiful spas”. The popular series aims to encourage the discovery of our built cultural heritage. With short texts and attractive pictures, particularly interesting objects of a building type are presented.

The title “The most beautiful…” is to be understood with a wink. For the Swiss Heritage Society, buildings are “beautiful” if they have a high monumental value and if the cultural heritage has been treated with respect and prudently developed. Quality building culture contributes to a high quality of life for all and shapes identity.

The most beautiful cafés and tea rooms in Switzerland

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