A 170-kilometre-long mega-city is to be built in Saudi Arabia. Looking at the plans – whose implementation is already underway – the question inevitably arises as to whether this is a frightening dystopia or a grandiose vision of the future.

Now, renowned architects involved in the planning of The Line, have explained the philosophy behind the project in the 45-minute documentary “The Line: Saudi Arabia’s City of the Future in Neom”. In the film numerous architects alongside members of the Neom team and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin  Salman take a stand and explain why they are participating in this controversial project.

The online magazine dezeen quotes two of the architects involved as saying: “I can’t think of anybody that wouldn’t want to be part of this project,” said Morphosis founder Mayne, while Cook Haffner Architecture Platform co-founder Cook said that “if it succeeds, it will be a new Babylon”.

And writes about the film: “The 45-minute-long documentary marks the first time the majority of architects connected to the 170-kilometre-long city, which has largely been developed in secret, have spoken at length about it in public.”

Whatever one’s opinion of this project, the film provides an in-depth insight into this mega-project that will change our lives one way or another: