The thought of selling a property often develops over a longer period of time until it becomes concrete. A change of residence due to work, the desire for a change in living conditions (location, space requirements), the move from a detached house to a comfortable flat. Choosing the right time to sell in order to get the best possible price is often also a consideration.

Since no one knows the future development of the market price level, the ‘right time’ and the ‘optimal price’ remain target values that can only be assessed in retrospect, if at all, which is then, however, futile. Even the current market value is difficult for owners to assess. A valuation by an experienced marketer can offer support and often corrects false price expectations, which are usually set too high, but sometimes also too low.

More important than the ‘right time’ to start selling is to be able to act without time pressure in order not to have to compromise on price. Finding the right buyer often takes more time than one would expect. If, on the other hand, the buyer is found unexpectedly quickly, the seller should show sufficient flexibility with regard to his housing situation (e.g. rental solution for a transitional phase) to be able to complete the sale at an attractive price.

Currently, it can be seen that ‘Corona’ has led to uncertainty and restraint among owners who were still willing to sell before the pandemic. This is (also) why prices have been rising noticeably for a few months. This is actually a good moment to start the sales process.