A few weeks ago we presented the 50 best small Swiss hotels, selected by the online magazine NZZ Bellevue. At that time, the focus was on location and service and the stars of the hotels. Today we present you a recently published booklet of the Swiss Heritage Society, in which hotels and inns were selected more according to their architectural or heritage qualities. However, these are not necessarily less hospitable.

In its revised new edition of “Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Hotels”, the Swiss Heritage Society presents 89 special inns in which a high level of architectural culture is cultivated and honest hospitality is lived.

Die schönsten Hotels der Schweiz

Locations of the 89 most beautiful hotels in Switzerland; © 2020 Bundesamt für Landestopografie

High building culture and lively hospitality

The hotel landscape in Switzerland is extremely diverse, with a huge and wide range of offers. But what does a business need to be considered one of the “most beautiful” hotels by the Schweizer Heimatschutz? The starting point is always a high level of building culture, which is maintained, preserved and sometimes creatively developed with care and love. This includes not only historic houses, but also architecturally successful new buildings. Equally important are regional roots, a convincing operating concept and last but not least the good feeling of being welcome as a guest!

Kurhaus Bergün, Belgün

Kurhaus Bergün, Bergün, GR; Art nouveau palace for everyone; Photo: Regula Steinmann, Schweizer Heimatschutz

Full of character and regionally anchored

Schloss Schadau, Thun

Schloss Schadau, Thun; Historicism on Lake Thun; Poto: Christian Helmle, Thun, Schweizer Heimatschutz

After intensive research, theSchweizer Heimatschutz has tracked down 54 proven classics and 35 new discoveries in all parts of the country. The spectrum ranges from the city hotel in the former grain warehouse to the grand hotel in the Valais mountain valley or the former monastery in Central Switzerland to the old customs station in Malcantone. As different as the guesthouses are, they all have a unique character and committed people in common who, day in, day out, are committed to a living guest culture, to a regional identity and to the architectural heritage.

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