The number of co-working spaces in larger cities has been increasing for years and they are actively used. However, they are also increasingly popping up in rural areas. Covid has increased the tendency to work outside of one’s usual workplace, but at the same time, working from home has reached its limits. Not everyone had the necessary conditions at home or experienced increasing isolation. These developments therefore call for new working models.

baunetz interior|design writes about hybrid models, New Work and Work 4.0. The accelerated social and technical developments of recent years have led to a need to constantly rethink the definition of work and the design of architectural spaces. As part of its theme week, the online magazine spoke to architects and scientists about modern corporate structures and changes brought about by AI. They analysed the “co-working space” typology, asked them to explain the impact of home office solutions on private living spaces and presented current office concepts. The result is an article that is well worth reading for anyone interested in new concepts for living and working.

Echos aus der KI-Welt

Wolfram Putz erforscht und erkundet digitale Anwendungen auf dem Gebiet der Architektur, seit er denken kann.

Wolfram Putz has been researching and exploring digital applications in the field of architecture for as long as he can remember. (Source: baunetz interior|design)

Wolfram Putz has been researching and exploring digital applications in the field of architecture for as long as he can remember. The founding partner of Graft started experimenting with AI image generators early on and is fascinated by how rapidly the field is developing. In this interview, he reveals how Graft is currently utilising and integrating artificial intelligence.

The rainbow office as an innovation space

From soft yellow to bright pink and red tones to rich blue-green – a new interior project by Hamburg studio Besau-Marguerre is particularly impressive thanks to the harmonious interplay of strong colours. The colour tones and gradients in the “Space” innovation room refer to the diversity and dynamism of forward-looking new business models and working methods.

A look into the home office – designers show solutions for working from home

The transformation of recent years has changed the world of work and has been a catalyst for hybrid concepts. Many people carry out their most important tasks from home and the office is often only used to exchange ideas or for creative workshops. baunetz interior|design wanted to find out from interior architects and interior designers how this development is changing private living spaces – and how this is reflected in their design processes. Part 1: Tenka from Bilbao as well as Coordination, Ester Bruzkus Architekten and Christopher Sitzler from Berlin in an interview with baunetz interior|design.