Would you like to hang a few new pictures in your home or are you missing a good photo above your sofa? If you search the internet for the corresponding offers, you always end up with cheap but uninspiring offers of pictures that usually cannot meet your own qualitative demands. This is where the Swiss Weissgrad Edition comes to the rescue. According to its own information, as a digital gallery for contemporary photo art, it creates aesthetic experiences for the analogue space.

© Weissgrad Edition

Professional photos made to measure for your own home by Weissgrad Edition. Image: Screenshot website Weissgrad Edition.

Weissgrad Edition promises curated images by professional Swiss photographers, printed and framed in the best quality. The people behind Weissgrad are Severin Jakob and Markus Bertschi, two photographers from Zurich. Their idea: to convey art at a fair price.

The photo prints are produced in limited editions. Weissgrad Edition works together with proven partners: Tricolor and Studio Arte. Each picture is produced locally, from processing in the laboratory to framing. This results in high-quality photo prints with an exclusive character.

In addition to the periodically changing exhibition, “Weissgrad & Freunde” enlivens the gallery. This digital space is open to a wide variety of art styles and can be used as desired. In pop-up style, works by artists close to Severin and Markus’ hearts can be found here for a short time at a time.

© Frida

Customised photos by various well-known street photographers from Zurich are available at Frida; image: screenshot from the website fri-da.ch

By the way, there is a comparable offer at frida. They offer limited, affordable and high-quality artwork from Zurich. The photos are a reflection of our society and are shot by various well-known street photographers from Zurich. frida allows you to take a part of this city home.