Do you know the diversity of Zurich’s museums? Did you know that there is a «Altherthumer Magazin» (antiquities magazine), an «Archäologische Sammlung» (archaeological collection), an Atelier Hermann Haller or an Atelier Righini Fries and an FCZ museum? Have you ever heard of focusTerra or the «Graphische Sammlung der ETH (ETH’s Graphic Arts Collection)? Do you know about the Johann Jacobs Museum, the KULTURAMA (Museum of Man), Löwenbräukunst or the Mulagenmuseum?

Handfestes, Geschichtsträchtiges, Kurioses: Das Alterthümer-Magazin beherbergt Bauteile aus den Denkmälern des Kantons Zürich.

Handfestes, Geschichtsträchtiges, Kurioses: Das Alterthümer-Magazin beherbergt Bauteile aus den Denkmälern des Kantons Zürich.

A whole 55 museums are taking part in this year’s “Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen“, with extended opening hours (6 p.m. – 2 a.m.), special events, workshops and guided tours. The event has long since established itself as a permanent fixture in Zurich’s cultural calendar. The boundless diversity of Zurich’s museums is particularly impressive on this occasion: exhibitions, collections and a varied supporting programme turn night into day. Bet you’ll never manage to appreciate them all in one night – despite the VBZ shuttle services that easily take you from one place to the next. Nevertheless: there is hardly a better opportunity than the “LANGE NACHT” to discover the extraordinary diversity of Zurich’s museums: whether arts, architecture/design/creation, cultural history, non-European cultures, natural science/medicine, plants and animals – the spectrum offers something for every interest.

Im ehemaligen Atelier der Zürcher Künstlerdynastie Righini und Fries werden wechselnde Ausstellungen gezeigt, die das vielseitige Œuvre der Künstlerfamilie zum Ausgangspunkt nehmen, um verschiedene Aspekte des Schweizer Kunstschaffens in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart zu beleuchten.

In the former studio of the Zurich artist dynasty Righini and Fries, changing exhibitions are shown that take the versatile oeuvre of the artist family as a starting point to illuminate various aspects of Swiss art creation in the past and present.

In short: when the museum doors stay open far beyond the normal opening hours, it is “Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen”. Every year on the first Saturday in September – in 2022 on Saturday, 3 September – 55 Zurich museums leave their doors open, although it would normally be time to close them. Then many institutions show themselves in a completely different light and visitors discover the exhibitions from completely new perspectives. At Zurich Zoo, for example, many animals only awaken at night and a visit to the cemetery or the Moulage Museum is then particularly spooky. The Urania Observatory is particularly spectacular in the dark and playing football late at night is a fun change of pace at the FIFA Museum.

Auf einem Rundgang durch das FCZ-Museum können die BesucherInnen den Club entdecken und seine Höhen und Tiefen miterleben. Die FCZ-Bibliothek bietet zusätzliche Informationen. Bücher, Fotos und Filme laden ein zum Entdecken und Vertiefen.

On a tour of the FCZ Museum, visitors can discover the club and experience its ups and downs. The FCZ library offers additional information. Books, photos and films invite you to discover and delve deeper.

In addition to many exhibitions and collections, some museums also offer games, fun or culinary delights. With the Kombi-Ticket, you can get into all participating museums and travel from one museum to the next with the VBZ bus shuttles, use the “Züri rollt” bicycles for free or enjoy a free ride on the museum ferry “MS Sentosa”.

Das ZAZ BELLERIVE befindet sich direkt am Zürichsee in der Villa Bellerive und ist ein lebendiger Ausstellungs- und Begegnungsort, der sich der Vermittlung baukultureller Fragen verschrieben hat.

The ZAZ BELLERIVE is located directly on Lake Zurich in the Villa Bellerive and is a lively exhibition and meeting place dedicated to communicating building culture issues.

Tickets priced at CHF 25 per person are available online here. The price includes admission to the participating museums, use of the VBZ museum bus shuttles and public transport in zone 110 (City of Zurich, 2nd class, until September 4 until 5:00 a.m.).