In a recent article published on the online platform archdaily, the author Camilla Ghisleni has compiled fascinating bird’s eye views of industrial areas. What once followed purely technical considerations, contexts and frameworks in construction has at the same time created a kind of teeming with structures, some of which are reminiscent of modern paintings.

Created by @overview Source imagery @maxartechnologies

Pulp Mill, Bratsk, Russia; Created by @overview Source imagery @maxartechnologies

Ghisleni sees a historical, economic and urban planning components in the images. According to her text, “industrialisation means a process of economic change that transforms an agrarian society with predominantly artisanal techniques into an industrial society in order to increase productivity and economic growth. This mechanisation and mass production leads to profound social changes.” But the most important consequence, she says, is an enormous change in the urban landscape. This becomes very clear from the images she has chosen.

Created by @overview Source imagery @maxartechnologies

Steel Mill, Tokai, Japan; Created by @overview Source imagery @maxartechnologies

She goes on to write: “The architectural patchwork created by shapes strictly associated with their function echoes the patterns and repetitions of the manufacturing processes they support. These factories are modern devices that reflect the era through mechanization and industrialization. As a result, the design of these facilities is a response to technical constraints but also results in improvements in terms of structural engineering and building materials such as concrete and steel, also contributing to standardization and efficiency in construction, eventually used in other types of buildings as well.”

According to Ghisleni, the aerial views of various industrial plants in different countries showed how strange, dissonant and occasionally beautiful they can be despite their complexity.

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