In our many years as real estate experts for exceptional properties, we have encountered the desire for our own indoor riding arena more than once. The hurdles are already high due to zoning considerations alone, as the construction of an indoor riding arena can practically only be realised in a horse husbandry, industrial and commercial zone. In most cases, the search profile for such a building project includes a special location quality: the property should be close to the main residence and ideally one would like to pursue one’s equestrian hobby in an attractive landscape. However, the drawback is that special buildings are hardly feasible in the residential or agricultural zone.

In our example, it should be added that we were approached for advice when a seemingly suitable property had already been identified. This was in a new industrial quarter in a Schwyz municipality in the heart of central Switzerland. The broker commissioned by the seller – anyone can call themselves that, professional qualification is not required – expected the immediate signing of a purchase commitment with a deposit of CHF 200,000 on his brokerage account… It did not surprise us then that this dubious purchase commitment left the relevant issues unresolved: among other things, a design plan still had to be drawn up, the development had to be regulated and individual plots still had to be subdivided.

We were fascinated by the consulting task and less by the consulting hours charged. The choice of architect, whom we were able to recommend on the basis of our network, was absolutely decisive for the realisation. His roots in the community on a business and political level, but also his track record, were central to the successful implementation of the planned building project.

A few key words about the 90 by 37 metre indoor riding arena, which is equipped for the sport of western riding: 3’000 m2 free-span and green roof, 28’000 m3 building volume including changing rooms and sanitary facilities, separate 30 by 5 metre building for the horse stalls. We are proud to have been able to contribute to the realisation of this transparent building, which blends in perfectly with its surroundings.