The initial situation: A magnificent property at an absolutely prime address in one of the most sought-after communities in the lower Lake Zurich basin. On it stands an aging country house with conversion and extension potential.

Wüst und Wüst, together with two other renowned estate agencies, was invited to submit a sales offer. As a basis for the expected sales price proposal, the client also provided us with a valuation of the property. This valuation was prepared by a very important valuation company, whose recommendation for this property was to build several condominiums.

When preparing our offer, it was essential for us to analyse the current land register extract in detail, including the corresponding plans, easements and annexations and reservations. We noticed that two servitude numbers could not be correct. The surprise was great when, after consultation with the land registry, the wording of an easement came to light that made the development study obsolete: parallel to the residential street, as with the existing villas, a strip only 16 metres wide could be built on the uphill side.

We immediately communicated this value-relevant discovery to the potential client. Due to our careful preliminary work, we were rewarded with the order. Thanks to our dedicated sales activities, the villa was able to find a buyer for an amount in the double-digit millions, who will realise a conversion.