Now it’s really getting to be summer. The weather forecasts predict hot days ahead. If you don’t always want to visit the same swimming pool to cool off, or if you think that there are really more than enough people swimming in your favourite pool now, here are a few practical tips on where cool water awaits you. Other sources show you the water temperatures in our rivers and lakes or the time when the sun rises or sets.

(Almost) all bathing establishments in Switzerland on is a privately run website. Its operators want to provide an overview of all Swiss bathing establishments. In addition to baths, you can also find information on indoor pools, thermal baths, adventure pools and saunas.

The Badimeter app: information source for Zurich’s water rats

The Badimeter; Source: Classy Code GmbH/Screenshot

The Badimeter app quickly provides the most important information about Zurich’s bathing facilities, such as water temperature, current occupancy, opening hours and more. Badimeter for iOS is available for iPhones and iPads – but unfortunately not yet for Android devices.
Comparable information on bathing establishments – this time for the whole of Switzerland – can also be found at or on the free wiewarm app for Android. As the database is maintained by volunteers, it is not complete and also not always completely up to date.

Not just for tourists: Swimming opportunities on

Well hidden, you can also find a list of swimming opportunities with water temperatures on the website. Pools can be narrowed down regionally and filtered by category.

And last but not least: these are the rules for bathing and swimming

Like everywhere, there are explicit and implicit rules. This also applies to swimming. On this website you will find the bathing rules of the Swiss Life Saving Association SLRG. In the meantime, a distinction is made between 6 bathing rules and 6 river rules.

You can find the entire list of Badi apps on the PCtipp website.