Do you like pizza, popcorn, or pretzels and have you ever tried to combine these snacks with a good glass of wine? In the online magazine luxurydefined, sommelier Laura Burgess suggests eight perfect wine pairings for cozy nights on the couch.

Turn to popcorn—and add a sparkling white—for an indulgent way to unwind. Image: Alamy

Getting to dine out has its appeal—but there’s still something to be said for a night spent at home with good snacks and a great glass of wine. “Takeout, fast-food favorites, and inventive combinations can offer the gastronomic delight of a white tablecloth dining experience—if you know which food and wine pairing to go for,” says Laura Burgess, a certified sommelier and regular contributor to VinePair.

So, whether your cellar is stocked with classics like Burgundy and champagne, or light-bodied refreshers like Albariño or Barbera, there’s a perfect pairing waiting to accompany any night at home. Read on for the eight outside-of-the-box combinations Burgess recommends you try tonight.

The trick is to balance the sweet and salty flavors of the beef with a wine that is both refreshing and as bold as the jerky.

  • So why don’t you pair patato chips with caviar, crime fraîche and champagnes, e.g. a good boottle of Laherte Frères Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature.
  • Or try a combination of chocolate chip cookies with ruby port wine. Laura Burgess suggests a glass of NV Broadbent Auction Reserve Port.
  • Pizzas you should pair with a wine hearty enough to counterbalance pepperoni’s intense flavor, while still allowing the cheesy goodness of fresh pizza to shine through, something like a 2015 Bruno Giacosa Barbera d’Alba Falletto.
  • If you like popcorn you should combine it with sparkling white wine, e.g. a nicely cooled bottle of Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato d’Asti. Research has found that the crunchy snack can physically assist in relaxing your facial muscles, while its carbohydrates release the neurotransmitter serotonin.
  • Have you ever heard of Albariño, a Portuguese wine naturally high in acidity. This goes perfect with tortilla chips and cuacamole. “They act like a squeeze of lime—refreshingly cleansing the palate after each creamy bite,” says Burgess und suggests a 2019 Granbazán Etiqueta Verde Albariño Rías Baixas.
  • Pair chocolate-covered pretzels with Amarone. The robust flavors of red wines, such as Amarone, brilliantly offset the salty, sweet, and bitter notes found in dark chocolate-covered pretzels. Try it with a 2013 Fratelli Zeni Vigne Alte Amarone della Valpolicella Classico.
  • Beef Jerky combine perfectly with Rhône Blends like a 2018 Château de Saint Cosme Côtes du Rhône. “The trick to adding a perfect glass of wine alongside this snack, is to balance the sweet and salty flavors of the beef with a wine that is both refreshing and as bold as your jerky of choice,” Burgess explains.
  • The particularly courageous among you can try a combination of Skittles with rosé wine. Allow the berry-like flavors of this sweet treat to shine with rosè’s light, palate-cleansing properties like a 2019 Domaine de Triennes Rosé Mediterranée IGP—plus there’s nice harmony to be had in the fact that the wine is traditionally sold in skittle-shaped bottles.

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