Wildegg Castle inspired nine master florists to create floral works of art from 6 – 15 August 2021. “Blumengeflüster” is a pop-up project by Museum Aargau in cooperation with FLOWERS TO ARTS. The exhibition is a poetic project that brings colours, scents and art into the historical rooms.

© Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

Food was stored in the cellar of the castle. The floral interpretation by Andreas Geissmann, master florist from Dänikon, deals with the current theme of abundance and scarcity. © Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

Eight rooms of the time-honoured, originally defiant, later proudly baroqueised building will be interpreted florally for ten days by master florists and teams from different regions of Switzerland.

© Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

The salon served as the Effinger family’s living room for several generations. To match, master florists Myrta Frohofer, Unterengstringen, and Philipp von Arx, Olten, created a massive pop of colour. © Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

The professionals and young talents were inspired by the place and the biographies of the residents and interpret their creations with fresh flowers. “Blumengeflüster” provides a new, sensual, sometimes surprising approach to the history and secrets of the castle.

Special tours with experts

© Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

The room is named in honour of the lady of the castle, Barbara von Salis-Soglio. The floral interpretation of Evelyn Krebs, master florist from Zurich, is characterised by life and death. © Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

Experience these floral interpretations on a special guided tour – a sensual journey through the history of the castle and its secrets. Four times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon, a historian and a florist together guide visitors through Wildegg Castle.

© Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

It was part of the lifestyle of the nobility to regularly host guests.The suitcases tell the stories of the guests and the flowers are used by Ernst Iten, master florist from Wettingen, to welcome them. © Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

It is, of course, also possible to explore the rooms and the castle garden on your own and immerse yourself in the world of the castle and flowers. On the way, you will also meet other floral accents that the castle florist sets with flowers from the castle garden.

© Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

In 1820, a bedroom for maids was built into part of the armoury. Katrin Riedwyl, master florist from Spiez, illustrates their living and working conditions with a dried meadow that also hides the maids’ dreams of a better future. © Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

The Verein FLOWERS TO ARTS in cooperation with Museum Aargau is responsible for the exclusive encounter between ephemeral beauty and centuries-old walls.

© Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

The attic of Wildegg Castle was probably used as a drying room: for fruit, flowers and large sheets. For the young master florist Gianna Stefanini from Zurich, the tower room is a place of longing that invites us to dream. With drying beach lilacs, she also reflects the baroque garden at the other end of the castle. © Werner Mäder, Uetikon, Switzerland

Practical information

Opening hours:

  • “Blumengeflüster” is open daily from 6 to 15 August 2021 from 10.00 to 17.00.
  • Entrance fee: CHF 17.00 or surcharge of CH 3.00 for discounted castle admission.
  • Special guided tours with florists and historians take place daily. (Price: CHF 37.00 incl. castle admission). You can book online here.
  • Flower talk: Tuesday, 10 August at 4 p.m. with Claudia Morgenthlen and Friday 13 August at 1 p.m. with Andreas Geissmann (price: CHF 37.oo incl. castle admission). You can book online here.

Florists involved

Myrta Frohofer, Meisterfloristin, Unterengstringen; Andreas Geissmann, Meisterflorist, Dänikon;  Urs Iten, Meisterflorist, Wettingen; Evelyn Krebs, Meisterfloristin, Zürich; Claudia Morgenthaler, Meisterfloristin, Wiedlisbach; Katrin Riedwyl, Meisterfloristin, Spiez; Peter Schwitter, Florist, Buochs; Gianna Stefanini, Meisterfloristin, Zürich; Philipp von Arx, Meisterflorist, Olten; Manuela Fischer, Floristin, Schloss Wildegg

About Wildegg Castle

Wildegg Castle was founded by the Habsburgs in the 13th century and was owned for several centuries by the Effinger patrician family from Brugg.

The Wildegg Castle domain covers around 93 hectares with 37 buildings as well as gardens, an organic estate, the Bären inn, vines, forest and fishing rights. The domain has been owned by the Canton of Aargau since 2011.

Learn more about the history of the castle here.