It’s winter outside, it’s cold and the days are sometimes grey and gloomy. So you might be looking for an exciting hobby to keep you busy for a few hours or even days. Then perhaps the ongoing series “Embroidered Ordinaries” of Alicja Kozlowska could inspire you, that translates the mass production of Pop Art into tightly stitched sculptures. Her surprising artworks were recently presented in an article in the online magazine Collossal recently.

Oreo Embroidered by Alicja Kozłowska; Photo: linked to Colossal

Oreo – Embroidered by Alicja Kozłowska; Photo: © Alicja Kozłowska, linked to Colossal

Colossal writes about Kozlowska: “The Polish artist sews packages of Oreos and half-eaten cookies, rusted cans with peeled-back tops, and 12-packs of Coca-Cola at full scale, recreating the recognizable logos and designs of ubiquitous snacks and goods. Each work begins with a felted structure the artist covers in myriad knots and stitches, which produces textured iterations that reflect on consumerism and the lasting impacts of over-consumption.”

Coca Cola

Coca Cola 12-pack – Embroidered by Alicia Kozlowska; Photo: © Alicja Kozłowska, linked to Colossal

You can find more of Kozlowska’s work in the article mentioned above or on Kozlowska’s site,  or you can keep an eye on her Instagram for upcoming additions.