Anyone who has travelled a lot is gradually becoming familiar with all the world’s hotspots, from the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Sydney Opera House to the Louvre in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in New York. That’s why GEO.DE – GEO’s online magazine – has been looking for odd places worth seeing that you probably don’t know yet.

Did you know, for example, that there is a Prada shop in the middle of the Marfa Desert in Texas, not far from the border with Mexico? The small house with an illuminated shop window has been standing in the middle of nowhere on Route 90 for 14 years. There is nothing to buy, writes GEO, there are only right shoes in the window, a few handbags and the door is always locked.

Der Shop ist ein Pop-Up des skandinavischen Künstlerduos Elmgreen & Dragset. © Matt Slocum / AP / picture alliance

The Prada shop at Marfa is a pop-up by the Scandinavian artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset. © Matt Slocum / AP / picture alliance

With this parody, the Scandinavian artist duo Elmgreen & Dragsetich poke fun at the Prada dress code of the art scene and confuse the audience with their fictitious shop in the middle of nowhere in the Texan desert. However, GEO believes that the nearby town of Marfa is well worth a visit with its famous Donald Judd Museum, Airstream campsites and large-scale film festival.

Als das kroatische Paar Olinka und Dražen auseinanderbrach, gründete es 2011 in Zagreb das fest installierte Museum der Zerbrochenen Beziehungen. © Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

When the Croatian couple Olinka and Dražen broke up, they founded the permanently installed Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb in 2011. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

GEO describes other curiosities, such as the Museum of Innocence in Istanbul, which is closely related to a novel by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk. It continues with the Dutch Pinball Museum in Rotterdam with more than 100 pinball machines dating from 1934 to 2023. Another unusual place is Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, where high school kids in the 1960s presumably started pressing their chewing gum onto the walls in a narrow passageway at 700 Higuera Street. Today, many thousands of kilograms of chewing gum are stuck to the walls, which have now become a real tourist attraction.

Gefriergetrocknete Nudeln, die man schnell mit heissem Wasser aufgieassen kann, Feier in Japan und Hongkong in Cup Noodles Müssen ihre Erfindung. Die Holzhütte, in der die Nudel angeblich erfunden wurde, steht als originalgetreuer Nachbau in einem der Räume. Ausserdem gibt es ein interaktives Nudelquiz, ein Cup Noodles Drama Theatre und einen Degustationsraum, der verschiedene Cup Noodles auftischt. ZurückWeiterJunge Frauen mit Kopftüchern stehen an Nirostatischen in der Versuchsküche. © Cup Noodle Museum, Osaka

Freeze-dried noodles that can be quickly infused with hot water are celebrating their invention in Japan and Hong Kong in Cup Noodles Müssen. The wooden hut in which the noodle was supposedly invented is a faithful replica in one of the rooms. There is also an interactive noodle quiz, a Cup Noodles Drama Theatre and a tasting room. Cup Noodle Museum, Osaka

Haben Sie Lust auf mehr? Zum Beispiel auf die Kindereisenbahn in Budapest, die Whistpering Gallery in der Grand Central Station in New York, das Cup Noodles Museum in Osaka, das Museum der Zerbrochenen Beziehungen in Zagreb oder auf den Gottorfer Riesenglobus in Schleswig, einem 350 Jahre alten astronomischen Wunderwerk? Dann lesen Sie einfach den unterhaltenden Beitrag online in GEO.DE.

Do you fancy more? For example the children’s railway in Budapest, the Whistpering Gallery in Grand Central Station in New York or the Gottorf Giant Globe in Schleswig, a 350-year-old astronomical marvel? Then simply read the entertaining article online in GEO.DE.