According to the online magazine luxurydefined by Christie’s International Real Estate experts are predicting a turn to technology to help keep us healthy. Here you can find the future innovations the experts believe every homeowner should consider.

David Shrier, futurist, lecturer in technology and innovation at MIT’s Media Lab and Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, strongly believes that the home of the future will not only be equipped with touch-free capabilities such as voice-activated entry, heating, and lighting systems, remotely operated cooking appliances, contactless faucets, and closets that sterilize the clothes within—but also the next generation of innovative health technology. This will include UV disinfection lights, which sanitize surfaces within seconds, sensors that can identify if any occupants are running a fever, and a range of diagnostic tech that once used to be the preserve of hospital tests.

Current smart home technology offers health-saving, touch-free options, such as devices that can be operated remotely. Future offerings will take the health focus further by relaying data to healthcare providers. Image: Alamy

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