For many, bed linen is still hardly a topic when it comes to designing a bedroom. This is a pity, because exclusively designed bed covers can significantly enhance this room and set striking colour accents. A small company with the creative name ZigZagZurich has set itself the goal of producing unique home textiles that represent the combination of artistic skills with high-quality materials.

ZigZagZurich was founded in Switzerland in 2013. Their interest in off-stream, their passion for textile design, as well as a high demand for quality formed the basis on which the company began its successful journey.

Boum - Künstlerbettwäsche von Michele Rondelli

Boum by Michele Rondelli is a bedding that navigates between figuration and abstraction. Its design is a loud visual return to the pop aesthetics of the 90s. With an overexposed and blurred image, the designer pushes reality to the extreme and creates new forms of perception.

In addition to artist and luxury bed linen, the company’s range also includes curtains, blankets, waterproof cotton shower curtains, rugs and carpets, as well as Smart Foam Sleep and latex mattresses. In addition to the variety of designs and colours, the selection of formats available for each design is also surprising – even according to individual measurements. Behind many designs are renowned artists who contribute to the wide range with their creativity.

Wazer von Christoffer Joergensen

The bed linen Wazer by Christoffer Joergensen uses digital photography as raw material, which has been alienated and transformed with a combination of computer programs and craft techniques. Haptic and sensuality are essential features in Joergensen’s works.

In addition to design, ZigZagZurich attaches great importance to sustainability, the use of high-quality raw materials and the quality of the end products. They write about this on their website: “Monitoring the production chain from raw material extraction to the finished product makes it possible to guarantee the use of the highest quality materials. Our main production is located in Italy, which means that we have direct control over the social and environmental conditions under which our goods are made. We use the finest Egyptian and Italian cotton and European linen to produce our textiles in a variety of weaves. Our yarn-dyed textiles, for example, are dyed before weaving, giving them an incredible depth of colour. We process our New Zealand wool as well as alpaca wool in small sustainable mills. Our bedding and textiles are handmade, with artisan fabrication and finishing skills usually found in products two or three times more expensive.”