Parc’s – a design specialist for gardens and terraces – calls the garden a very personal outdoor living room. In a blog post, the company took a closer look at six current garden trends that it believes will be with us in 2021 and beyond.

Natural Pools

Clean pool water that does not require chemicals and is gentle on the skin: this is what natural pools stand for. Visually, the pools with naturally purified water do not differ from a conventional pool, because no planted regeneration zone is necessary and different variants are also possible for the pool lining.

Smart Garden

In the digital age, the smart garden is also becoming increasingly popular. Technical solutions support garden owners in their care and take over a large part of the work. An automatic watering system supplies the plants with the optimal amount of water, while a robotic mower takes care of mowing the lawn and maintains it perfectly.

Wellness with a C-Side-Pool

The compact mini pool brings your own wellness oasis into the garden with little effort. Five different models of the C-Side pool cover a wide range of needs. From massage seats to shallow water zones and deep water areas to spring inlet jets.

Natural Garden

Our ecosystem is increasingly out of balance. Animal and plant species are dying out and nature is endangered. Biodiversity is supported by near-natural gardens and the renunciation of chemical pesticides. Native plants provide a habitat for bees, insects and butterflies and create nesting sites for small animals.

Your own well in the garden

The element of water has always had a special effect on us. The gentle splashing soothes and spreads a romantic mood. A beautifully designed fountain is also a special eye-catcher in the garden.

Garden with Berries fresh from the bush

Nibbling berries fresh from the bush and spicing up meals with your own herbs: The trend towards self-sufficiency continues. The different types of berries, herbs and vegetables are planted in a separate bed and picked directly from one’s own garden.