The corona pandemic will help new technology to make a breakthrough in the office, writes Matthias Halbeis in a worthwhile article on influence, the online magazine of the furrerhugi PR agency (in German only). As the number of corona cases increases again and temperatures drop, it will become clear that the days on which you can spend your working hours in a cross-ventilated office and in pleasant temperatures are numbered. The chances of employees being able to work together in the office again would be reduced. However, it would be just as unrealistic to transfer all employees to the home office forever, Halbeis writes. So new solutions are needed.

In order for the offices to fill up again, at least partially, employers must invest in an appropriate environment, he argues. The prevention of corona outbreaks, the safety of employees and their peace of mind are among the most important concerns for companies around the world. And to do so, they would almost certainly have to embrace a lot of new technologies.

In his detailed article, the author mentions, among other things, body temperature measuring sensors, contactless checkpoints, biometric sensors, hybrid sessions, voice user interfaces, cleaning robots, new communication tools, telemedicine and virtual coaching and improved IT security as worthwhile investments in a safe and pleasant working environment.