For Wüst und Wüst, high-quality residential property does not just mean multi-digit millions. Many of the properties marketed are in the range of CHF 2 million or more. What demanding customers are looking for is often not determined by the purchase price, but by the type of property they are looking for or selling. «The preferences of wealthy prospective buyers are very different and are not primarily determined by their purchase budget. Whether a penthouse for two people in the city is sought for the next five years or a lakefront property with much space and a lot of land for a family with children and employees depends on the personal and current living situation,” says Beat Hürlimann, Managing Director of Wüst und Wüst, in an interview with NZZ Residence, the magazine for housing and real estate that focuses on high-quality real estate, exceptional architecture and lifestyle in the private living environment.

Why discretion is so important in this segment and what you have to pay particular attention to when buying or selling an exceptional property is explained in the above mentioned interview with Beat Hürlimann, which you can download here as a PDF in German language: hier als PDF herunterladen.