Current architectural projects in China continue to amaze with visionary approaches. This time it is a planned high-rise building in Shenzhen that extends far above the usual. However, it is not the height that defines the uniqueness of the building, but its entrance area.

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), who won the architectural competition for Tower C in Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base in China, is to have a base that dwarfs most of what has come before. ZHA’s design is a multi-dimensional vertical city of two naturally lit towers that respond to the city’s urban nodes.

Tower C. Image © Brick Visual, Courtesy of ZHA

ZHA wins competition to build Tower C in Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base; Image © Brick Visual, Courtesy of ZHA

«The architecture connects with the adjacent park and plazas, transforming into a terraced landscape, and extending upwards between its two towers. This extension invites visitors into the center of the building where cultural and leisure facilities are placed. The towers are tied together with sweeping bridges that give panoramic views of the city.» the author writes in the online magazine archdaily in its recently published article.