Wüst und Wüst AG complements its existing locations in Küsnacht/Zurich (headquarters), Zug and Lucerne with a branch in St. Moritz. This is headed by Pascal Vaucher, who grew up partly in the Engadin. Vaucher says in an interview with WuW magazine: “Wüst und Wüst is active in the German-speaking part of Switzerland in the exclusive real estate segment; so it is a logical step for us to have expanded in the direction of the Engadine.” St. Moritz is probably the most exclusive real estate location in Switzerland. Vaucher also knows the Engadine very well from his own experience: “I have a close family connection to the Engadine. I grew up in St. Moritz and in the USA. My great-grandfather Giovanni Testa once founded the first ski school in Switzerland in St. Moritz. He is highly motivated for this task, especially because of the people he gets to know every day and the exciting encounters with business leaders, politicians and even the local baker.

The expansion of Wüst und Wüst AG, part of the family-owned Intercity Group, to St. Moritz meets a customer need. “With our presence in the Engadine, we can cover the second-home market in particular as the exclusive German-speaking Swiss partner of Christie’s International Real Estate, the world’s most important network for luxury real estate,” says Wüst and Wüst CEO Beat Hürlimann. Vaucher says in an interview: “The second-home market is a very exciting market and also a very tight market. We have seen that recently people from the urban regions have increasingly bought second homes. But we have also noticed that people from urban areas are moving their residence to mountain regions. This is partly driven by the “remote work” opportunities.”

Wüst und Wüst sees itself as a quality company and expects to develop successfully in the region for various reasons, says Vaucher: “As an exclusive partner of Christie’s International Real Estate, we can also serve our clients internationally and market properties internationally. Furthermore, we score points with our professionalism, discretion and experience and thus grant our clientele a significantly higher added value than competitors are able, willing or able to do. As a special service, we also have our own notary’s office. This enables us to ensure for our clients that all contracts and legal aspects in connection with the sale and purchase of a property are covered and clarified.”

The real estate market as a whole is currently facing various major challenges such as rising mortgage rates, the unstable global political situation and economic upheavals. However, Pascal Vaucher is confident that the market for exclusive properties in exclusive locations in particular is hardly affected by these changes: “We do not sense any interest rate sensitivity among our clientele in the upscale real estate segment. Many of these people have had significant increases in wealth in recent years and can afford these properties. Some of them are even buying them without mortgages. We do not see any negative developments in the prices for holiday properties due to rising interest rates; rather, we are seeing a steady increase in prices, which may flatten out somewhat at the moment. But the trend remains upwards.

About Pascal Vaucher, Managing Director or Wüst und Wüst St. Moritz

The head of the Engadine Wüst and Wüst branch, Pascal Vaucher, is a member of the board of directors of the family holding company Intercity Group. He has worked as an independent entrepreneur in wealth management for the last ten years and knows the wishes of exclusive clients. His parents are owners of the Intercity Group and have been involved with exclusive real estate for as long as he can remember.

The Wüst and Wüst AG

Wüst und Wüst AG is a company of the family-owned Intercity Group and deals exclusively with the marketing of high-quality residential property. The competent and experienced teams at the branches in Küsnacht/Zurich, Zug, Lucerne and St. Moritz guarantee a high level of local market competence. Thanks to the exclusive partnership in German-speaking Switzerland with “Christie’s International Real Estate“, “Wüst und Wüst” also has an excellent international network.