As the online magazine Dezeen recently reported, the British architecture studio Zaha Hadid Architects has released visuals of the Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre, which will span an eight-lane motorway in Xi’an, China. Once again in China and once again by Zaha Hadid Architects, the Jinghe New City Culture & Arts Centre is a fascinating structure that creatively explores the boundaries of architecture. With such monumental buildings, China naturally also wants to demonstrate its strength and cultural awareness.

The Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre is designed to resemble a river. Visuals: ATCHAIN.

According to the magazine “the proposal, which was the winning entry of a recent competition, is set to be built partly over a road in the new Jinghe New City technology hub to the north of Xi’an.”

The fascinating concept is characterised by a series of meandering forms, courtyards and open-air zones for cultural and leisure activities. With the chosen form, Zaha Hadid Architects refer to the course of the Jinghe River and the mountain valley it has washed out over thousands of years.

The Zaha Hadid Architects are quoted as follows: “Echoing the meandering valleys carved by the Jinghe River through the mountains and landscapes of Shaanxi province, the Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre is located within the Jinghe Bay Academician Science & Technology Innovation district of the city,” said Zaha Hadid Architects.

“Organized as a series of flowing volumes, layers and surfaces interconnecting with courtyards and landscapes, the design defines a sequence of interior and exterior cultural and recreational spaces for its community.”

The following illustrative animation about the project can be found on YouTube:

Dezeen continues in its article: “According to Zaha Hadid Architects, Jinghe New City was selected as the site for the project as it is a growing a hub for the energy, materials, artificial intelligence and aerospace industries.

Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre, which will span eight lanes of traffic on Jinghe Avenue, will form part of a masterplan for redeveloping the area.

Accessed by gently sloping ramps, the building will also help connect the city’s commercial and residential districts to the north with to parkland to the south.

Inside will be a multimedia library and flexible performing arts theatre, alongside multifunctional halls, studios and exhibition galleries.”