Lea Rellstab is a real estate marketer with a federal certificate at Wüst und Wüst. She is passionately committed to the real estate industry and loves being able to implement creative ideas and thus lead special projects to success. She has been actively involved in SVIT Young since 2016 and has contributed to the success story of the Young Committee with great dedication. Now she is to take over responsibility for this successful project as a member of the SVIT Zurich board.

The promotion of young professionals in the real estate industry has always been close to the heart of SVIT Zurich, according to an article in Immobilia, the association organ of SVIT Switzerland. In 2015, the Zurich association therefore held a workshop for apprentices, young employees and vocational trainers in the real estate industry, which led to the creation of the “SVIT Young” youth commission. The concept, led originally by Serafin Graf, who was the youngest member of the SVIT Zurich board from 2019, soon became a success story and also gained national recognition. She will now step down from the board due to a change of profession. The SVIT Zurich board has nominated Lea Rellstab from Wüst und Wüst as her successor. She is to be definitively elected at the AGM 2022.

Lea feels honoured by this trust and is looking forward to getting even more involved in the real estate industry in the future. In a conversation with Pascal Stutz, CEO of SVIT Zurich, she said: “In my work at SVIT Young Zurich and in the real estate industry in general, I have repeatedly noticed that the need for a close exchange between the generations is constantly growing. The nomination was also very well received by my employer Wüst und Wüst. They are very happy for me that I am getting this opportunity.”

You can download the entire article from IMMOBILIA, February 2022, as a PDF here (in German language only).