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5 Oscar-Worthy Homes with Movie Ties.

Sunday was Oscar night – once again with only a few surprises. It was to be expected that “Oppenheimer” would win, but the fact that “Barbie” only won an Oscar for a song was somewhat surprising. Instead, in its article “5 Oscar-Worthy Homes with Movie Ties” the online magazine Luxury Defined from Christie’s International Real Estate reveals some exciting surprises.

Quellen: Bloomberg, UBS Switzerland AG
Werte bis einschliesslich 2010 basieren auf Libor und ab 2011 auf SARON. Der effektive Zinssatz des Produkts berechnet sich aus Marge + Compounded SARON der jeweiligen Abrechnungsperiode. Für die Berechnung des Zinssatzes kann der Compounded SARON nie kleiner als null sein.
UBS sees positive prospects for Saron mortgages.

In its latest interest rate forecast for mortgages, UBS writes that the volatile interest rate situation has calmed down after a phase of interest rate hikes. Mortgage interest rates linked to SARON are likely to benefit significantly from the SNB’s interest rate cuts in the coming quarters, as the SARON interest rate is closely linked to the SNB’s key interest rate.

What Does US$10 Million Buy Around the World?

Especially now, when the lottery jackpots are filled like never before, the question of which properties you can buy for 10 million US dollars is quite topical. But perhaps you simply fancy a luxury property, in which case these tips from Christie’s International Real Estate are just what you need. In Switzerland, WüstundWüst would be just the right address if you are looking for a special property here.