The online magazine dezeen recently reported that the Architecture studio Morphogenesis has unveiled the Surat Diamond Bourse in India, which has surpassed the Pentagon to become the world’s largest office building. According to the report – set on the outskirts of the city of Surat – the 660,000-square-metre office building was designed as a “city within a city” to house the world’s largest community of diamond traders. dezeen continues: “It is larger than the 620,000-square-metre Pentagon office near Washington DC, which has held the title of the world’s largest office building for 80 years since it was completed in 1943.”

Morphogenesis has completed the world's largest office

With the Surat Diamon Bourse Morphogenesis has completed the world’s largest office.

In the article, the founding partner of Porphogenesis, Sonali Rastogi, was quoted as follows: “The core concept for the Surat Diamond Bourse was to create an architecture that equips the world’s largest community of diamond traders to empower themselves. … It was vital for us to create a building responsive to their lifestyle and how they conduct business,” she told Dezeen. “We tried to do this by carrying out detailed case studies on how the community worked, be it in the informal way that transactions were made, in the importance placed on social interaction and much more.”

Intended to be

Intended to be “iconic yet not overpowering”, the building consists of nine 15-storey wings arranged around a central corridor. Within the wings are 4,717 offices for 67,000 diamond professionals, including cutters, polishers and traders. The offices range in size from 28 square metres to over 10,500 square metres.

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